sometimes things get easier. sometimes not.

i was hit by a car on halloween. by a drunk driver. head on. in the hospital for a week and a month confined to my bed. it was scary and it sucked. still sucks.

but i’ve been trying to be a good sport. upbeat. positive. not angry. made a few assumptions about the guy. you know, tried to think good things. not be angry. you know, the dalai lama says that anger is like holding a hot coal in your hand with the intention of throwing it at someone, only you get burned.

i mean it was easier to think the guy was a 33 year old guy in a red BMW. must have had a few drinks with his buddies, made the mistake of driving home and caused an accident. ended up badly injured. injured other people badly. but it was unfortunate that he should make a mistake that he will pay for with the rest of his life….

that was until i received a call from his PROBATION OFFICER. now i realize that he was an underinsured, drunk driving, drug induced criminal, violating his parole and *i* get to pay for yet another one of his dumbass mistakes for the rest of my life.

that hot coal is in my hand and i am looking to throw it. fucking asshole.

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