court part 1

court part 1

i was called into court this morning to stand as a witness against mr. scott alan schoenkopz who caused my little accident last halloween. the last preliminary hearing was rescheduled, but supposedly today was the day.

well, i get into the courtroom and sit in the front row behind the district atty’s desk. there are about 6 DAs milling about chat chat chatting, flipping for files and what looked to be coin tossing for the different cases. i got the distinct impression that they had not looked at any of the cases before this morning….

there are baliffs and multiple defense attorneys and baliffs and witnesses milling about and a very bored judge flipping through paperwork trying to figure out which case was which i suppose. i can barely hear a thing. and everyone keeps talking over the judge and everybody.

i did watch one case get dismissed without so much as a defense attorney present. this was no joke. the DA stood up to state that this was his case, the defense was not present so some random atty stood in and it was dismissed. right there. no argument. nuthin.

one interesting thing was that the detective on my case and the officer that questioned me at the scene and in the ER leaned forward and said to me, “you don’t remember me, but I’m the one who questioned you at the scene and in the ER”. I turned and replied, “oh, trust me i remember you. you questioned me as they were setting my ankle. great timing by the way–it’s the best way to get the truth.” maybe he felt bad because he let me read the full report on the accident.

the bus with the defendants that were in custody had not arrived, because as i found out later there was a sheriff’s strike. no sheriffs, nobody gets from the jailhouse to the court house.

so the DA says I can go back to work and he’ll call me when he needs me. on my out, i meet up with another witness in the case, who was also in the accident, well not really, she actually crashed into the debris from my car. i asked her what happened. why the hell did he hit me? well apparently he was barreling down lincoln very fast, almost drifted into her lane and crashed into her, she swerved, he overcorrected and went right over the line and head on into my car. that’s it. just drunk, driving fast, swerving all over the place and right into me.

anyway, so now i’m back at work, waiting for the call to go back to the courthouse….stay tuned for more courtroom drama.

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