back on 2 [wobbly] feet

GREAT NEWS! i went my doctor’s appt yesterday but i went in with little hope of any major progress — almost 8 months of incredibly slow moving progress (pun intended) creates a bit of hoplessness in that regard — and finally, music to my ears, the BONE IS HEALED!!

i can now wear 2 normal shoes, count ’em two! no more confusing my single flip flop wearing with undergarments (hey, give me a sec to put on my thong). no more hand controls in my car (i can now irresponsibly coffee drink and cell phone talk with thre rest of the population if i please) and best of all i can now go shoe shopping with excitement (no more “oh poor me” looking at the useless half of an adorable pair of shoes and kerplunking away).

i still limp, and it hurts and i have a cane. but no more thump clunk of the ugly boot. i might even regain my girlish gait a little. maybe even dance. the possibilities are endless.

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