a blessing or a curse?

sometimes i wonder if i’m blessed or cursed.

so, i’m driving back from my mother’s house in the #4 lane of the 405, moving along at about 70 mph and suddenly the cars to my right start to slow down. a lot.

i began to react before i registered what was happening hitting the brakes. a woman in the #1 lane had lost control of her car and was sliding across all four lanes making a wide 180 right towards me. all the cars around her were braking and swerving around her in a kind of auto ballet. i locked up my tires and slid down the pavement, burning rubber for about 200 feet and came to a stop about 4 inches away from from her front bumper. literally 4 inches. it was amazing.

gripping my steering wheel i smiled “whew!” at her. that could’ve been a bad one — i’m pretty lucky. although at times it sure does feel like death wants me.

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