i resolve recap 2004.

for the last couple of years i’ve made a point to set resolutions and make sure i recap to see where i’ve netted out.

i think the key is keeping it simple, and achievable, as a result i’m surprised how they stick in my mind as i go through my year.

so here’s my recap for 2004:

1. i resolve to learn to play the drums this year. properly. okay, well…i made a few attempts at starting drum lessons. but for some reason the drum instructors i connected with had a little trouble consistently fitting me into their schedules. of course i don’t exactly have the most flexible schedule either. but i have managed to secure a drum set. so baby steps. i’ll get them set up. stick my drumsticks in my back pocket. then we’ll see.

2. i resolve to strengthen my poor post-injury body to that next year i’ll be able to go skiing at least once.
i’ve made some serious progress here. my body is much stronger. i’ve made it to the gym, and have managed to get myself into those croc charles david heels i refused to get rid of after my accident. perhaps the skiing idea will have to be a little more patient however.

3. i resolve to expand my social network to include more folks with something to say, and more grownup activities. i’m a little tired of waking up on sunday with a hangover and a foggy recollection of discussions about haircuts, second dates and where did you get those shoes?! this has gone very well. i’ve developed friendships with some of the most amazing people, and kept in touch with the most important people in my life. i’m surrounded by smart, amazing women with whom i can spend time into the wee hours of the morning digging into the things that are truly important. although i still crawl out of bed from time to time with a hangover and foggy recollections of the night before. i’m very pleased that my recollections have significantly more substance.

4. i resolve to travel. this is a long term resolution, but i specifically resolve to go to italy this year. or paris. whichever housing situation works out. ok. i’ve travelled, but it’s pretty much been limited to domestic travels to meetings, tradeshows and family gatherings. unfortunately the whole italy/paris idea didn’t happen. but i’m keeping it on the list for 2005. maybe london. we’ll see.

5. i resolve to be less cynical about love. i didn’t realize how hard this would be. but i’ve learned some important lessons this year. i’ve learned to listen more and to be more gentle with my lovers. i’ve had a few absolutely magical moments that have softened my poor scarred heart. i’ve managed to open myself up to beautiful people who give far more than they take. who knows, i may get there yet.

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