i resolve 2005.

it’s that time again. i’m going to shave the list to just a few things i can really focus on. i sometimes get so carried away in my oh so endless number of things i want to accomplish, and still find myself sliding down the path of least resistance.

this year i resolve:

1. i resolve to love my loved ones. to expend more energy and attention on the people i love. and less energy at work. i resolve to prioritize according to those who will never consider me expendable.

2. i resolve to sit down less. i sit down too much at the computer, reading books, drinking cocktails, watching movies, watching cable, sitting in meetings, sitting down for lunch, cramped in airplanes, reclining out on the front patio reading a newspaper, it’s just altogether too much sitting.

3. i resolve to invest in experiences, not things. running through my expenses, i was shocked at the portion of my income that goes toward stuff i think i just have to have. to quote gloria steinham, “We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.” well, aside from my ACLU membership dues, i’m ashamed of myself.

in the spirit of keeping it simple i’m keeping the number of resolutions to three.

happy new year to all, i hope it finds you well.

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