ahem. please pay attention.

i had my six-week follow up to see how my spine is healing up from my poor annie oakley impersonation on a polo pony in palm springs a few weeks back.

my first appointment with dr. fish went well, but i found him awfully arrogant, cocky and frankly not a very good listener. which sometimes happens with specialists, particularly young ones with a gaggle of residents following him around one of the best orthopedic facilities in the country. but i like my physicians to pay attention.

i made a few subversive attempts to see if i could get him to focus at my last appointment, which went entirely unheeded.

this morning however, after my examination by his resident and complaining of the increasing pain in my back and reluctance to take the pain meds, he asked if i was more active than usual. i shrugged that i didn’t think so–but didn’t want to take more meds because they made me tired and slow-witted–albeit more agreeable. (i didn’t mention that this has been a welcome change for everyone else except me)

so as he was prescribing yet more meds, apparently not listening again, he recommended that i take it easy and avoid any excessive activity.

i paused, raised an eyebrow with a wicked grin and asked, “well, dr. fish, can you please define excessive?”

he stopped. looked up. stuttered something about my erm, being young, and…well…that could be…

i think i embarassed him. but maybe now he’ll start paying closer attention.

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