well as i mentioned a couple of weeks ago, i had a follow up my physician to see how the spine is doing, and apparently the damn thing still isn’t healing up.

so, i had a CT scan of my spine so he could get a better look at why.

i just got off the phone with him and apparently there are a bunch of micro-fractures in the vertabrae that he didn’t notice before.

also, in speaking with a surgeon, apparently all the soft tissue surrounding the injury was likely torn apart with the force of the fall. which makes sense.

so i have to go back for a series of facet injections to confirm this and then they will brace me up. for 24 hours a day. for the next three months.

and the very first oh so sympathetic comment of consolation from my boss, “well, there goes your sex life!”


well, frankly that isn’t really much of a loss.

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