works on men of all sizes.

the big even of the week at work, was the annual amgen chili cookoff last week, which is an extravaganza of chili booths, beer, wine, coworkers and their families gathered to…uh eat chili.

the thousands of amgen folks and their family units swarm the contained area around my building and it’s a zoo of breeders on a rampage.

wandering through the kid’s area packed to the brim with hundreds (i swear to god) children, daniela and sarah, and i all looked at each other and the first word out of our mouths was a simultaneous, “uh, contraception?”

we settled at a table in the midst of the swarming children for some chatting and eating when suddenly behind me there was a long, loud and incredibly annoying and disruptive whistle.

i turned, eyebrow raised and looked hard at the whistling 10 year old boy. he immediately ceased whistling, spun around on his heel and ran.

i turned back to the table, “see ladies, that works just as well with 10 year olds and 30 year olds alike.”

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