post-holiday social irony.

i spent a fantastic christmas holiday with my mother in orange county, lounging and eating and watching old movies. i can now nod along knowingly at cocktail parties when obscure references to philadephia story, king kong (the original), casablanca and it happened one night crop up.

which would incidentally explain my sudden urge to pincurl this morning.

i travelled home with a carful of gifts and in excellent spirits, then stumbled into my empty apartment.

i spent the entire day alone cleaning and straightening and putzing…when i finally decided that it was time for me to venture out into humanity! go out and mingle with the masses for some post-holiday movie-watching.

my ideas of swimming anomously among the masses kind of crumpled a bit as i rushed in with my medium cup of popcorn and soda in hand, into a cavernous theatre occupied by a solitary woman yammering on her cell phone and a middle-aged gentleman who chuckled at the film in all the wrong places.

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