empty gesture

i’ve been traveling a lot lately on business, so earlier in the year i made some significant investments in tumi luggage. for a girl such as i, with a shameless bag fetish, tumi luggage officially qualifies as an investment.

tumi bags are fantastic, amazing, magic bags that made me feel like i had a mary poppins carpet bag when i packed for europe back in march. plus they have this fabulous bag tracer registration program to return your bags to you should they get lost.

however this also means i now receive tumi spam, which normally i don’t mind at all. but today i received this:

Dear Tumi Customer:

You are part of a select group of Tumi customers we are inviting to form the first-ever Tumi Advisory Panel….blahblahblah… To be considered for the advisory panel, please click on this link to register….blahblah..In appreciation for your completed survey, we will send you a $25 Tumi Award Certificate redeemable at tumi.com. blahblah…Thank you in advance for your participation in shaping the future of Tumi.

not to sound petty, but offering me a $25 gift certificate to use at tumi.com (i dare you to find a single item for $25 or less on their site) is akin to handing a small child a copper penny and sending her over to the 25-cent gumball machine. only to watch her waddle over and stand expectantly in front of that shiny red, cast iron and glass bank of heaven, containing objects of her pure unadulterated desire. then leaving her blinking helplessly at the relative pointlessness of the gesture.

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