off the road

i’ve been on the road again only this time it was for two weeks with a change of hotels every three days. it was a nice way to break up the time, but somewhat exhausting.

the first 4 days were spent in philly at a tradeshow, which always pushes me to my limits of tolerance for human interaction and exhaustion. the following 10 days were spent in new york–which i somehow manage to love and loathe simultaneously. there is no other city that i find so stimulating and isolating at the same time. the contrast is horribly seductive.

i managed to take a day off and spend a long weekend with sweet lynn, the easiest traveling partner and fabulous running buddy who is up for just about everything including late night, long-distance air rouchambeau when faced with a logistical quandry. (for the record, she won)

we started the weekend with a late dinner at spice market, followed by an unexpected encounter with the foreign minister of affairs for pakistan, and his lothario of a companion who initially introduced themselves as mack and jack from malta. to which i introduced us as trixie and pixie with no small amount of sarcasm.

we of course managed to get to the bottom of their clever ruse when “jack” let slip that “mack” just given a speech at the UN, where pakistan had just been elected chairman of the G-77. we subsequently found ourselves in a heated discussion about politics, lifestyle, family, followed by an awkward dance club excursion late (early) in the am.

my favorite quote of the evening came after giving “mack and jack” no small amount of grief when he announced, “i feel so out of balance around you!” he was apparently unaccustomed to a couple of women demonstrating complete disregard for his position.

the rest of the weekend was spent trudging downtown shopping, braving the crowds at the feast of san generro to gorge ourselves on beer and sweet saugage, onion, pepper sandwiches while sitting on the steps of a brownstone next to ferrera’s listening to a crooner belt out frank sinatra tunes on the roof.

one of my first and best experiences in nyc was going to the feast of st. antony when i was 19 years old–but back then it was more of a neighborhood affair, compared the to tourist attraction it has become. the only neighborhood families seemed to be working the vendor booths.

best sweet sausage sandwiches
Originally uploaded by in retrospect.

i also finally visited the wtc site, which i’ve completely avoided over the last five years. i walked around the site, a little disturbed that it’s become such a tourist attraction, with guides and tourbuses, and only could bring myself to take one photograph. however, i was even more disturbed that five years later it’s still just a hole in the ground with a lot of heavy equipment, trailers, trucks and workers very busy doing something.

the rest of the time was filled sharing a stella with a plumber from rhode island who really wanted to do something with his life, attending an eve ensler play, the treatment which was powerful and amazing, lounging in sheep’s meadow with the nytimes and a basket of fries, indulging in brunch and bloody marys in the east village, and of course spending entirely too much money.

now that i’m back to my 15-minute commute and 10-hours behind a desk or in a conference room existence i have to admit to feeling a little bored and more than a little itchy.

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