it’s not that bad

so today in a meeting, the subject of vday came up, and i made a snide comment about valentine’s day and my inclination to vacillate between apathy and disdain for the greeting card holiday.

this sparked a dialogue between a colleague (and also a close friend) and another colleague who expressed surprise at my snarky cynicism. this was the exchange that followed on the typical pattern of my rare and often ill-advised dalliances:

colleague: wow, i never would have expected that…
me: (hemming and hawing) yeah i don’t even really get involved that often and when i do…well…
colleague: what happens?
friend/colleague: um…have you ever seen heidi eat bacon? (he then pantomimed some kind of messy devouring of said foodstuff, followed by the onset of mild indigestion)
me: yes, well…erm…can we move on?

after which my dear friend sent out this as visual aid.

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