what was i doing five years ago? five years ago seems like a literal lifetime ago. i made a few resolutions that year. i kept 2 of them. i still sit around a lot.

where was i? living in venice, ca, but i was working hard that year. working at Amgen, recently assigned to both Enbrel and the new denosumab marketing team. it was the only time in my career that a colleague sent me flowers to thank me for a job well-done which made the horrible state of my paws more than worth it. thank you, kirsten.

what did i have? i was single, with amazing girlfriends and a full social calendar. i could still stay up all night dancing, and i did…well until that unfortunate incident with the polo pony. i took a full week’s vacation for the very first time in my career. ever. i drove up the coast and sat in a yurt for a week, alone. hiking. thinking. swimming. sunning. it was life-changing. for a raging workaholic like me, this was a revelation–but it completely changed my mindset leading to many more wonderful vacations since.

i  started trying take a decent photograph that year–but most of my photos included friends, gatherings, my siblings’ new offspring and documenting my single, workaholic life from my little place on Abbot Kinney.

what did i want? i wanted to settle into comfortably into my own skin, remain deliberately single and adjust my energy expenditure by working smarter, rather than harder. i managed to pull that off. i was a bonnie who didn’t need clyde that year, and i enjoyed it. enormously.

who was i with? i was with myself, mostly. also with my friends. with family. with tulips.

as for the rest, i neglected to catch their name(s).

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