Fixing Things!

Ever since Dave and I moved into the loft in downtown LA, all our projects seem to go from seemingly super easy to not so easy. For example, I went to draw a bath only to realize we do not have hot water going to the tub. We call maintenance and about a week later someone shows up, turns on the water and nods, “Yes, you are right, no hot water. I’ll have to come back with tools.” Seriously? He came to JUST turn on the water and agree with my assessment. Very frustrating.

I consider myself reasonably handy (if not a little foolhardy) around the house. My dad was a plumber, so I watched him do stuff. I always assume I can work it out, SO when the “plumber” failed to return after nearly a month, I took matters into my own hands.

I removed the handle and adjusted the temp regulator, no good. Next step? Check/replace HC regulator cartridge. I ordered a new cartridge, and attempted to pull out the old cartridge–which was super stuck. SO, I ordered a puller and waited and did research in the meantime.


Today, is the day to fix, I have my puller, the new parts and a little grease. I learned that I can’t pull that sucker out without shutting off the water. I looked all over the house and there’s no shutoff in our space–but there should be local valves at the faucet. I peer into the space behind the coupler and I spy the 2 bolts on each side of the cartridge, I’d just need to use a flathead to shut off the water there. With just ONE SMALL PROBLEM:


I’d make this a fun guessing game, but we don’t have time for that. So if you look very closely, the red arrows clearly point out that these valves that were cleverly hidden behind the shower tile. So I’d either need to figure out a solve, or shut the water off to the entire building. Since I’ve gone rogue, the latter seemed risky. So I dig around in our tool corner…and what do I find?



That’s right! A power angle grinder! [I think I just heard Dave facepalm somewhere]. Anyway, I think I read somewhere that works on tile, so it should be fine. I put on a long shirt, goggles and gloves and went to work. After a few sparks and nearly setting my hair on fire, we have access!


Look at that, I can just turn the water off with a quick turn of a flathead and we’re back in business. I put my new puller to work and after much pulling and twisting I got that motherscratcher out!



Voila! Next, replacement and check temp. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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