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and the cat came back

a confluence of disparate events over the last few years have caused my personal web site and blog to languish from neglect and, well, laziness. i’ve updated information here and there so that folks could find me. but then again not TOO many folks. also, i developed mixed emotions about maintaining such a journalistic weblog […]
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easy on a sunday morning.

IMG_1577.JPG Originally uploaded by in retrospect. this was the scene last sunday morning on bainbridge, after one of my best birthday weekends ever, celebrating ariel and andreas’ anniversary gathering. as of this morning, i’m lazing right there. still. take a peek at more of the evidence over here.
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that thing you're going through

ok, i’ve gotten so many sweet notes and get well wishes from people i love. but i have to say this is best get well message. EVER. thank you ariel, for causing me to re-injure myself by collapsing in a heap of laughter.
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