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standing on wobbly legs

i’ve dated as rarely as humanly possible — too pleased with my impervious shield of post-heartbreak self-sufficiency to risk weakening it. – rebecca traister, salon.com over lunch the other day with a friend, the subject of my love life came up again. i quietly tiptoed into the dating scene recently, partially under duress and partially […]
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it’s not that bad

so today in a meeting, the subject of vday came up, and i made a snide comment about valentine’s day and my inclination to vacillate between apathy and disdain for the greeting card holiday. this sparked a dialogue between a colleague (and also a close friend) and another colleague who expressed surprise at my snarky […]
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crapshoot love

chatting with my mother about the impending departure of my roommate, i brought up that i’m hunting for a new roommate even though i’m pretty much over the roommate situation. the ensuing conversation is just one small indicator explaining my cautious optimism regarding love: M: “do you really have to get a roommate?” m: “yeah, […]
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what day?

some conversations put a fine point on things unexpectedly: me: like my new soft robe? val: ooh! me: it was on sale! everything in this town seems to be 75% off! val: well, there’s a very small window of time when men shop. me: *perplexed look* val: valentine’s day? me: oh, right. me: *pause* me: […]
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