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plant-waterer's rage

last year after having my desk watered repeatedly by the plant care professionals at the office, i taped up a couple of signs asking that they take care not to water my paperwork. of course thinking i was horribly clever, i translated the message into four languages, you know…just in cases. well, apparently after looking […]
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crocodile tears

my boss and i ventured out for lunch this afternoon for our periodic one-on-one meeting, as we stood in line at a local deli frequented by many amgen folks for lunch something flew smack into my eye. as my eyes watered up and tears began streaming down one side of my face, and she leaned […]
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i’m feeling

the folks at work thought it might be a fun little idea to distribute Mood Swings books to everyone in our department as a fun way for us to express ourselves to our co-workers. i personally suspect it’s a subversive attempt to gauge the morale in the department and i keep secretly expecting to see […]
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complimentary harassment

walking to my car in santa monica, i passed a man sitting in a stoop. i smiled good evening to him and as i passed he suddenly erupted, “ah yeah, BUTTERFLY!” this kind of made me smile.
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skin deep

i’m wearing a suit today. black with silver pinstripes with a funky stiff collar and a knee-length skirt. my hair is smoothly tied back without of any of my characteristic unruly bedhead. i’m mystified and slightly amused at how my outfit is affecting my demeanor today. i’m a little more stern, my gait is a […]
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pardon my banana

at dinner after a long day and a few drinks. woman#1: what is the unisex name for host/hostess? woman #2: i don’t think there is one. man#1: it’s host. woman #1: why are the unisex titles always the male version? woman #2: i don’t know. man #2: lifting up his tumbler of gin & tonic, […]
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