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verbal tangle

my niece just turned two and is rapidly developing her verbal skills. it’s obvious that everytime she talks to you she’s desperate to have a conversation. the other day she got herself in trouble, and managed to successfully argue her case: suz: “what did you do that for?!” isabella: *pause to concentrate* isabella: “five!” oh […]
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i just got back from visiting my sister, and new niece isabella, in ohio. i’d never been to ohio, but it was such a fun trip. unfortunately i overdosed on baby crack (definition courtesy of ariel) and am deperately trying to recover. photos from my trip coming soon.
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auntie heidi

i’m an aunt! my sister had a little baby girl at 7:30pm today. 9lbs 12oz. 22 hours of labor just to have a c-section. isabella angelina fritinger. i will call her izzy. and she will call me auntie. i’m so excited.
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