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euphemism of the day. or year.

after a particularly animated rant about how a particular thing should be handled this afternoon, which sounded oh so very elegant and logical to me, a colleague smiled at me and quietly shook her head. i asked her what she was smiling at, she replied,”you’re so cute when you’re being naive.” which gave me pause […]
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plant-waterer's rage

last year after having my desk watered repeatedly by the plant care professionals at the office, i taped up a couple of signs asking that they take care not to water my paperwork. of course thinking i was horribly clever, i translated the message into four languages, you know…just in cases. well, apparently after looking […]
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skin deep

i’m wearing a suit today. black with silver pinstripes with a funky stiff collar and a knee-length skirt. my hair is smoothly tied back without of any of my characteristic unruly bedhead. i’m mystified and slightly amused at how my outfit is affecting my demeanor today. i’m a little more stern, my gait is a […]
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glass houses

chatting with a friend today, about a new addition to his department who’s a little quiet. however, he was speculating that because she had rings on her middle fingers, it suggested a dominant personality. as i was about to jump in and add to that notion and get into what that might mean for him, […]
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ouch Originally uploaded by in retrospect. i’ve finally returned from three of the most grueling weeks i think of my entire career. three 4-day meetings back to back in three different cities. this is how my poor feet looked on the very last day, swollen battered blistered, and frankly real ugly. but the meetings were […]
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