stop for the beautiful moments.

a friend and colleague passed away last week after a very short battle with cancer. we went to dinner one night late last summer in battery park. he told me wonderful stories about working in New York, parties at tony randall’s home, growing up in santa fe, his love of theater, retreats to the hamptons that year and his dear partner.

he ordered my dinner for me, he laughed and giggled as we gossiped and talked about tough things at the office. he confided he was worried about some niggling little health things, certain they were nothing to worry about. he talked about overcoming some really tough challenges, and was so looking forward to the next chapter in his life. but there was no next chapter.

as we walked along the water, taking the long way back to grab a cab, fireworks suddenly began exploding around the statue of liberty. it was a wonderful moment.

may we all stop and pay attention when life gifts us with beautiful moments.

video: an unexpected fireworks show, late summer 2010. battery park.

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