nine years and nine days. tomorrow.

it’s been nine years, and nine days since i put my ankle back together, except this time it will be my choice and according to my surgeon, under more manageable circumstances. also, as i understand it, 9 is a good number.

all this started with some drunk guy careening down Lincoln on halloween in 2002, leaving my jeep looking like it’d been hit by a freight train. it wasn’t, but it sure felt like it at the time.

my foot agreed. see that big shadow in the circle? yeah, that’s what they call a hawkins grade III talus fracture-sub-talar dislocation. or I broke a big bone in my foot. AVN risk: 90%. i got lucky. but i digress.

i returned home after a week in the hospital, got really bored AND lonesome after a few weeks in bed. craving human interaction, i joined what was then, a fairly small community…the blogosphere.

i wrote a detailed account of the accident and then used my site to connect with some pretty amazing and wonderful people who were complete strangers which slowly became a loyal support system. i got mad sometimes. i celebrated small victories. i vented. a lot.

nine years later, i’m voluntarily putting myself through the whole thing again. turns out that even after you break a bone, particularly a weight-bearing bone, other parts of your foot wear out and you have to fix those joints too.

the GOOD news is this time i got to plan. also, i have wonderful friends and family around me. the other good news for me, is that i like i can lean on my website when i get bored. or lonely. or run out of movies i want to see.

so here i go, on the 9th, nine years and nine days later. wish me luck.

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"have an opinion. try not to suck."

Frank Porter Graham Lecture 2011 with David Simon from James M. Johnston Center on Vimeo.

The Wire & Treme Creator, David Simon, Talks About ‘The End of the American Empire and What’s in It For You’

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doodlers, unite!

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Elizabeth Warren, words of wisdom

Elizabeth Warren, a woman who has many smart things to say

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Protected: i missed it.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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fair warning: a little self-promotion.

Cat's paw

Selected and published in 2011 ASMP & MOPLA Pints & Pixels Cell Phone Competition along with 40 other photographers. Book available for ordering soon!

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i suspect it may be all be reductive…

i took 322 photographs today. 90 were relevant and 3 were interesting.

i wonder if this is may explain our “successes” in life. you spend 322 moments trying make things work as best they can. and at BEST, maybe 90 moments are good enough to get you through the day. you know, enough so you can sleep at night.

then 3 moments that maybe, just maybe, might yield something interesting. today, tomorrow or 7.3 years from now. perhaps there’s something to be learned. 3 moments. 3 things.

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a world without love is a deadly place

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stop for the beautiful moments.

a friend and colleague passed away last week after a very short battle with cancer. we went to dinner one night late last summer in battery park. he told me wonderful stories about working in New York, parties at tony randall’s home, growing up in santa fe, his love of theater, retreats to the hamptons that year and his dear partner.

he ordered my dinner for me, he laughed and giggled as we gossiped and talked about tough things at the office. he confided he was worried about some niggling little health things, certain they were nothing to worry about. he talked about overcoming some really tough challenges, and was so looking forward to the next chapter in his life. but there was no next chapter.

as we walked along the water, taking the long way back to grab a cab, fireworks suddenly began exploding around the statue of liberty. it was a wonderful moment.

may we all stop and pay attention when life gifts us with beautiful moments.

video: an unexpected fireworks show, late summer 2010. battery park.

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