hobblin' along

more news on the progress of my right foot.

i headed into my doctor’s office today for my appointment. went in for the xrays — for some reason i wore a skirt that made this visit a little more exciting than the rest. as i was waiting for the doctor i pulled out my xrays and looked at the fracture squinting my eyes searching for a sign of revascularization, and of course not being a doctor that was not apparent. however i did notice a very scary looking fracture site that i hadn’t noticed in such detail before — and started to panic a little.

well the dr came in, pulled out the xrays, let out a low whistle and said wow! in a good way. with a smile and everything! (my dr is deadpan, so a smile is a big deal).

he was very happy with the progress, and pointed to the scary looking fracture site that looked like the grand canyon. he explained that the fogginess in the gap meanns that bone is officially “crossing the gap”.

he grabbed my foot and turned it this way and that and it just didn’t hurt. it was great. it was a big acceleration in my healing — and i do attribute it to my acupuncture. i was a real cynic before, but am now more open to the “other” methods of healing oneself.

only bad news is that my crooked foot (it curls in slightly) will be crooked forever. it was just a bad break all around. so no more super-cute, strappy heels for me.

but otherwise it was an all around fantastic day! next….the flask cane!

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