pearls of wisdom

every day i learn tiny little lessons about surviving in the corporate world that they just don’t teach you in school. a couple that i’ve learned over the last week:

1. don’t drink at office parties. especially if someone has a camera.

2. do not start bitching about a co-worker before you have actually hung up the phone after leaving said co-worker a voicemail. (i have feelings too) ahem.

3. admit making a mistake–even if you didn’t make the mistake alone. it’s your team, it’s your mistake. if you want the credit for a job well done, be prepared to take the blame when it goes wrong.

4. manage your expectations. after getting home night after night with racoon eyes (usually the only time i look in the mirror again after getting ready in the morning), i switched to a long-up-to-16-hours-lasting mascara. apparently this 16 hour business is only true when tested on women who do not blink, sweat, rub eyes in frustration all day. length of lasting diminished approximately 55% by actually being human. very disappointing.

5. if someone tells you not to prepare for a meeting. don’t listen to them. prepare. prepare. prepare. amendment: interestingly enough, i just received a suggestion that sometimes it is wise to intentionally NOT prepare for a meeting, as we often waste time preparing within an inch of our sanity, only to find we have the answer in our head already. hm. i’m going to try it both ways and report back.

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