yup. i need a vacation.

i am not the kind of person that believes in signs, but i do look for patterns. anyone who keeps up with me here or in real life, knows i’m a workaholic.

after running my time allocation for the last six months, and realizing that i am averaging, AVERAGING almost 65 hours per week.

in just the last four months i’ve also managed to be out of the office on business (of course) 25% of my time this year (i was out the entire month of january), i managed to break my back, get a promotion and rack up over 70 hours a week.

last thursday, when my alarm clock began optimistically bleeping at 5:30am, i reached out for the almost completely spent snooze button, and came face to face with my very first thought of the day, “i need a vacation.”

so…checking my horoscope yet again today:

LEO: Don’t be shy about putting in for your vacation days now, no matter how busy it happens to be at work. You need some time off, you need it soon and you need it together. Be sure your sweetheart is just as adamant. You both have at least one favor out there that’s overdue to be called in, so if you need to, make that call and pull those strings. Do whatever it takes to make this time together happen.

then, receiving a directive this morning from a woman i consider a mentor and respect very much, that i work way too hard–i’ve decided that i have officially uncovered a pattern.

so, i’m taking a week off. before july. i starting to plan right now. i may need to be a little loose with my definition of sweetheart–as everyone knows that in order for me to actually meet anyone that could be considered a sweetheart, they’d have to throw themselves on the hood of my car at 9pm when i pull into the driveway at night.

but that is a minor detail. however i am taking destination suggestions from anyone with any good ideas. i’m looking for warm, affordable, in or outside the u.s. where i can sit quietly, get my melatonin producing and stare at something other than this cursed computer screen.

and if anyone would like to come along, i’m keeping my definition of “sweetheart” very loose this week. *grin*

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